What You Should Really Know about Masturbation

This article is not out to promote the act of masturbation, neither is it meant to malign or ridicule anyone who indulges or has indulged in the act. You know sometimes I am nauseated by people who condemn and act, just because they do not engage in it or due to their limited knowledge, such neophytes irritate me.

Masturbation is an act of self pleasure in which an individual pleases himself sexually. It is not limited to any particular sex other a good number of people believe that majority of those who masturbates are of the male folks. There is not enough proof to substantiate such assumption, therefore I do not believe in such fallacy. Masturbation can occur with external objects or body parts which ranges from the hands, the finger or the toe. There have been several controversies about if the act is in a sin or not, I will not be making a comment on that for now, because this article is meant for all irrespective of our religious inclinations.

Masturbation occurs because of an urge which needs to be quenched. The main catalyst for masturbation is pornography which may include videos, magazines and scenes which depict sexuality, obscene and profane acts. There is a general misconception out there that once you stop looking at pornography, masturbation stops. That is a fallacy of hasty generalization. Although stopping pornography can reduce the act, it does not mean that one will stop it, especially for habitually masturbators. They need professional help like psychologist, shrinks and maybe religious help.

That said let us now state the merits and disadvantages of masturbations


  1. According to medical research, habitual masturbators have a very low risk of having prostate cancer, this is because of the constant production of sperm and the replenishment of the sperms
  1. It eliminates fornication. Most masturbators for fear or inability of sleeping with people not familiar to them, tend to please themselves (some monks and religious priest have be alleged to involve in this act to satisfy their urge).
  2. Masturbation help an individual to sleep better. When you masturbate, certain hormones are secreted to enhance sleep hormones like norepinephrine, endorphine, dopamine and brain chemicals like nitric oxide(NO).
  3. It is safe. Maturbation does not make you fear pregnancy or other STDs like HIV and Syphilis.


  1. Habitual masturbators have a high possibility of having erectile dysfunction. This happens to the male gender, so they have to be careful not to overstretch the penile muscles.
  2. You always feel tired and exhausted. Masturbation is an act that is strength sapping and blood draining. Therefore, masturbators will usually feel drained to do meaningful things.
  3. Interest in the opposite sex sexually drops considerably. This is because the thought processes of a chronic masturbator believe there is nothing the other gender wants to offer him that he cannot do himself.
  4. It leads to addiction. Addiction itself is a bad thing. We need to be able to do do other things and not be glued to a particular act or else we become slaves to the act.
  5. It reduces the concentration of a masturbator and memory loss.

In conclusion, masturbation has an act has come to stay with its good and bad sides, whichever way we look at it, therefore whatever decision about masturbation you choose to take is entirely yours, Just remember that, for every action, there is a reaction.


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