I just sit and explore the environment around me. How the sky looks so blue and hung up high off my head. Suddenly it begins to rain, then I see the different kind of birds rush up from the sky to find places to take shelter.

The little children playing happily around and being called home by their parents to escape the rains, just something else. How beautiful family members relate with each other. Different times allocated for different things.

Indeed there is just nothing boring about this life. Nothing makes life sad. Just sitting and staring gives me so much joy. Happiness indeed comes from your own actions.

I use to wonder why people get so sad and fed up with life. Do they expect life to be something different? Like the land hanging up in the air and the sky been down? Of course that will be a total disaster. Everything is wonderful as they are.

It is up to you to start seeing things from a new dimension. Just sit down and explore the environment. You will never be disappointed with the outcome of that.

You might start seeing life from a brighter and more fun perspective. Make yourself happy for that’s the reason for all the great things around us.

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