You should not be in a hurry to do certain things in this life. Wait until the right time  before you do them. Patience really counts. When you are patient in your doings, you always come out victorious.

With patience, you can be able to think things through and critically access things before you put them into action. 

On the other hand, if you are in a hurry to do things you just do them any how. In so doing, the end result won’t be something pleasant.

What is the essence of doing things in a rush and being unsuccessful, while with patience you can achieve what you crave for?

As a little child you first have to start schooling. Even as adults, we continue to school till we get secure jobs and feel like it’s enough. You cannot be in primary school and say you are going to marry. By that level, you are too young to marry and might be dependent on your parents. Marriage comes in when you get older and independent.

Life is in levels. You can’t jump any of the levels and succeed. Don’t ever be in a hurry to attain certain levels. It takes patience to be able to accomplish them.

Successful people know when and how to be patient. As we are aiming at reaching higher heights, we should learn to use the mechanism of patience.

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