That ream is stressing you, that’s new car is haunting you , getting headaches from the utility bills, the Landlord has become a torn in the flesh , school is not working, always in distress , business is slow , everything is not working.
Just go for it. Yeah you can’t give up now and you won’t give up yet just keep pushing to go get it.
One of the very greatest thing you can do to be proud of yourself is to use your enduring spirit to make all things work on your behalf
It has never been recorded in the history of life anywhere that, anyone who pushed with a self-believing spirit did it for nothing.
The dream is too big that I can’t advice you to give up. Just keep pushing, keep working harder and you will surely get there.
It just take a while, a very short while and you are there.
Keep pushing to be proud of yourself.
I believe in you, yes, you can do it than anyone else.
You are true replica of the good things life can offer the word. You are a winner, you’ve got to know that.

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