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Find something resourceful to do with your life. Don’t just sit there with your two hands in your thighs. Work something out.

You can do something wonderful on your own in this life. Learn to be independent of your parents, family and friends. You might need some one or two support from them at times, but that shouldn’t permit you to be dependent on them for everything.

People will start looking up to you in some years to come. How will you take care of yourself and family if you don’t start working now. Find something good to do for yourself. Don’t just stay home and sleep.

Being responsible comes with lots of respect and benefits. All will start seeing you in a different light if you do something on your own and succeed.

A lazy man shall die of hunger. A hard-working man shall eat from his labour. This saying should encourage you to start doing something for yourself.  

When you work very hard , you get what you want, you buy what you want.
Working very hard makes you successful, you just don’t sit down and wait for success to come to you, Be the real man and let people look upto you.

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