A lot of people don’t know the real essence of living an honest life.
They don’t know the meaning of life and so therefore don’t understand the relevance or role being honest plays in our lives.
Honesty is the act of being real with your own self then towards others.

It is an act because honesty is a matter of process which is a way of attitude we portray in our activities of daily living.
A tool is self-made or an equipment which is used to fulfill a certain purpose.
A tool makes work easier or can make it difficult if the wrong one is used.
In life one of the greatest tool we can have as an asset is our honesty.
Being Honest in Life helps you to meet great opportunities and can as well make you miss great opportunities.
I always advice my kids as they grow up is what they will need to be 100% matured is to live an honest life , no matter what the situation and that is when only life can smile with good tidings to them.
You miss being honesty , you miss a great asset in Life.

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