□Why is it that life seems so much unfair. Nothing seems right. The corrupt are always powerful, always using perverted ways to be on top. Everything seems unfair.

The good people really suffer to succeed in this life. The innocent are always maltreated in the society. The plight of the poor is nothing good to write home about. There is injustice everywhere.

Things are not how they should be. And it seems there is no one to address this issue. No one powerful enough to voice out this injustice been committed. Nothing good for our younger generation to look up to.

However, we live with this conviction that, everything will change for the better very soon. Everything will be alright very soon. Problems of injustice and corruption will be brought to an end.

Vigilant people will rise to voice out all actions that seem not to be right. The innocent will be protected. Everyone will be treated fairly. Riches will be distributed equally for all to benefit from it. We live in high hopes of seeing this change come to play.

Our hopes will never be brought down until we see a difference. When everything becomes alright.

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