Our life is greatly influenced by where we are brought up from. Indeed there is something really influencial about origins.

Majority of the people are brought out by their accents. There are certain peculiar things you can’t change about an individual. Though at times education and civilization tend to change us a bit. But there is always this one thing you can never change of an individual’s personality.

People see it to be so abhorrent to be stuck with an accent or a way of life they dearly wish to change or see to be odd.

That should never be your case. Cherish that part of you that has refuse to change. Value that way of life you find odd. Origins really have routes. There is a reason for everything.

There has been countless situations where specific behaviours of individuals won them something great. It’s either a job, money, spouse, scholarships, gift and otherĀ  tremendous things.

People really look great when they come out as they originally are. It’s so much fun being around unique people. They always have some one or two things to set the atmosphere on fire. They are a whole new thing.

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