Silence is a very technical weapon we must learn to use to our advantage. Being silent is a whole new thing. It helps you learn many things and avoid lots of unrealistic talks.

A silent individual is a great observer, and for that reason a great learner. Keeping silent doesn’t make you an unsociable person. You can be silent but still socialize wonderfully with all around you. A smile and a nod always does the magic.

Empty barrels make the most noise. It is very true. We tend to resolve lots of conflicts and misunderstandings with our silence. Your silence can cause others to check their relationship with you, and start behaving properly around you.

Most great men use the technic of silence. They just sit there quietly and explore. When it’s time to produce, they bring out by something great.  Their silence helps them focus and give more time to their works.

We must all learn to use the technical of silence to our benefit.  Don’t be in a hurry to respond to certain things quickly. Use the technic of silence to your advantage.

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