In whatever thing you do, put in your all. Let the best part of you show always.

In your business, be so hard working and cooperative with the other workers. Don’t just do things any how. Put in your best. If it is in your academics, then take your books very serious. Study to score high marks in all your quizzes. If you are facing a particular challenge with a topic or program, you can seek for assistance from a friend, tutor or other people who can help.

Don’t just be ordinary, let all know and see you from your hard work. Put up a good behaviour wherever you might find yourself.

Respect all, be kind to others. Be so much vigilant of the words you use, for your words make you.

Be a good mentor people look up to. Don’t let worries and troubles rob you of your joy. Everyone has worries and troubles, but we do put them aside and smile. Be so much civilized. Don’t be in the bad books of others, always be in their good books.

Don’t stress yourself with things you haven’t been able to achieve or accomplish. Make the most out of the little you have. Be responsible and decent. Let the very best of you show in all aspects of your life. Make yourself proud.

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