Most at times the challenges we face is that we just don’t have the right people around us. People to motivate us and encourage us when we are at the verge of breaking.

People who just don’t see anything good about us to compliment us with. We live day in and out battling with all sorts of condemnations. Words that always brings us to tears instead of the joy and comfort they should provide. We are always kept in the darkness, but that seem not to be working.

How can you hide a glittering pearl in the dark.  We refuse to stay in the dark, for that’s not where we belong. We are not defined by all these negative words they say to us.

Our lights have just refused to go off.  We are shinning for all to see the good works in us. All those condemnations have been ruled over. Our brightness has overshadowed our tears. We just can’t live in the dark any longer.

Well are moving with the light and   leaving behind all past hurtful words.  If the people around us can’t give us the warmth, comfort and encouragement we crave for, the light can.

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