Keep pressing forward until your last breadth. Yes! Keep pushing until all your effort is drained. Don’t let a test, exams, quiz or a grade degrade or define your future. Yes I mean the whole you! Keep pressing forward with faith because that’s the answer to every bold and courageous step.

Forgive yourself, forget the situation and the past but learn from it and that’s the truth in pressing forward. Love yourself and keep on pressing because that’s the way in opening new doors for yourself.

Move by Faith! Be determined, courageous and bold enough to take the step because you hold your future and no one else. Though there might be circumstances or situations that will always arise but I tell you to keep on pressing on by striving away from that situations. You’ve remained at the bottom for long. It’s time to leave there. Strive hard to where you expect to see yourself.

Press forward in life my brother/ sister! Life isn’t easy as we see but the easiness depends on you. Imagine after all your push you find yourself successful and comfortable living an easy life. You will therefor realize that your pressing forward has taught you a lesson that no one taught you, not even a teacher  in school because through the struggles and pains is where your learn from life. In here I can say your teacher is the struggles and pains you went through.

Have the faith of being successful and press on. I know that with smart work and hard work, you will surely be up there. The place you want to be, the person you want to be is there waiting for you. Keep on pressing forward and let’s go off the past or things that will not help in becoming who you want to.




Be Consistent is one of the greatest words in becoming successful and who you are. Nobody in this world made it without being consistent in doing something.  Your consistency leads to where you want to be. A consistent practice in bringing something new into existence teaches you a lesson and takes you far too where you want to go. A consistent reading helps you learn, increase your knowledge to know more things and vice versa.

Most people get faults sometimes in life and in businesses not realizing their consistency. They then go back asking themselves if I had done it around this time, I am sure this fault wouldn’t have arisen but you realize that they will be at the verge of getting bankrupt. Without consistency in life, there would be no success. Edison failed 9,999 times and took him 10,000 consistent attempt to perfect in refining the light bulb that we are enjoying today.

Consistency is one of the key tool in becoming successful. My brother, my sister, in whatever you do, be consistent in doing that thing and I am a hundred percent sure that, you will achieve or get what you exactly need as your result. Without consistency, the done can be undone and take this as a note.


Life is a struggle and there’s no joy during or with struggle. Life is tough, but becomes tougher when you are foolish. Life is full of ups and downs but to leave a life you want to depend on you. Life is not easy as we see and becomes easy when the solution to the tougher or tough situation in implemented.

For you to know the secret of life, you have to be willing to take time to observe and learn certain things which will aid you in achieving success in life. Life is like an onion, because it’s complicated. You have to cry, feel the pains and after all enjoy at last.

My brother, my sister, don’t not compare your life to anyone else because it’s a race of individuality. The truth is that, no matter the circumstance, you will have to struggle before you enjoy in life. We all hunt before putting food on our table and that’s is life. Be willing to take the risk to become successful. No one is going to hunt for you in other words no one is going to struggle for you to enjoy life. Rise up and roar like a lion hungry to hunt for its prey.

Become someone who is able to put food on his table. And that is where you will learn something from life. Get up! Go and endure the pains. Learn from it and you will overcome the struggles you meant not to be done to be successful.






Yes it will always be you and no one else. If you got something to do, you better do it yourself because no one is going to do for you.

If you are the first born or whatever born in your family, it will always be you that they will be depending or counting on. If you are at your work place, note that it will always be you that they will be counting on to help in the achievement or the successfulness of the organization. It will always be you that God is counting on you.

To become successful in life, note that it will always be you who can do that and no one else. Start doing something because on the way to success, you will surely meet your helper who will assist you in that achievement. Always be prepared to take things on your own because it is you and only you who can make it. Unleash the talent, the great things within you and become who you want to because your society, your country and the world as a whole is counting on you.

It will always be you who can be counted on and entrusted to. There’s going to be no help from anywhere neither is someone going to do it or for you if you don’t do it. IT WILL ALWAYS BE YOU!



Be proud of who you are today because others are worse than you think you are. I am always proud of who I am because I know what I have been through and what I have gained from it. Most people do not feel proud of who they are or who you are after doing something great for them. They degrade themselves of not becoming someone like you but note that, what you carry is far more than what they think. You can’t please everyone but be proud of doing something good for people and where you are now because not all of us had the opportunity to meet or be where we are now.

I am always proud of putting smiles on people faces and reaching where I am today and I thank God for that. Be proud of coming out of that family. You have a task to complete that’s why you are where you are now.

You have survived from the tough struggles in life, be proud! You have acquired and learned a lot in your lifetime, be proud! You have help and do well to people, be proud! You have put smiles on people faces, be proud! You have inspire others, be proud! You have make people make the right decision, be proud!



You are a giant among many reminds me of potential and leadership. Have you ever asked yourself why you are chosen from the many? This is because you outstands them all. You have the gift that no one has.

You are a giant. Yes you are! Just be proud of who you are because there’s no one who is like you. Know your potentials and differentiate yourself from others. Pay heed to the past no more and move on. You are a great person. The things within you is very great not as compared to the ordinary ones. That’s is why you are chosen from the many.

There are a lot of giant men in our world and I can truly say Nelson Mandela was one of them. He changed the history of South Africa and also made the world a better place. If he made it why not you? Unleash your potentials. Sacrifice whatever it takes to make your dreams happen. You are a great person, the giant who is been called out of the many. Yes you are and you can. It’s my turn! It’s your turn! It’s our turn!

Giant are people who have great things instilled within them and are willing to hunt for that. Ever ready to make the most out of themselves to benefit him or herself and the society as a whole. You are a giant among many, rise up and unleash the giant within you.




Yes I am not gonna give up despite my situation because I know who I am and know what I want. Giving up is the worst thing to try. If you want to give up then why did you started? Don’t even try to put up something if you think of giving up should incase a problem or something worse arise. If you do know or can imagine what your life will be, you will never give up. Keep pushing and pressing, and I know you will surely be there.

When I was in secondary school, life was very difficult for me. To feed was a problem and at the same time going to school as a day student. I had to do all what it takes to finish schooling because I have a dream I want to accomplish. I struggled and today I thank God for the life I am living now. If I had given up, do you think I would have gotten to where I am today? All this is because the dream I have I very big than you can image so I always never and will never let go of my dream until I finally hunt it down.

Dream big! Hunt for your dreams. Never let go of that dream because it is you and you alone you carries that great vision. Ask yourself why you carry such great gift and no one else. This is because it is you and only you who can do it that’s why have been gifted such great gift.

My brother, my sister, dream big because it’s free. If your dream is as big as mine, you will never let go of it. Never give up until you get to your destination. There will be ups and downs but if you keep pressing, you will never forgive yourself for giving up.






My boss it the worst boss I have ever seen. You might think yours is worse than mine but let me tell you this, my boss is far worse than your boss. Today you will say your situation is critical and worse but want to remind you that, my or someone situation is far worse than yours even though the made the best out of it.

My boss has make me learn something that no one has ever taught me, not even him. All I want to say is that, no matter who supervises you, endure the pain and learn from it. Life has taught me a great lesson and I know what I am talking about. Encourage him or her to become worse because that’s where you will figure out and learn some things. People complain about their boss treating them badly but don’t know the reason behind it.

Let me introduce a real life story here; a man rented a house for a maximum of 4 years. The landlord was quiet friendly with him. For about nine month of the first year, the landlord threatens him of building his own house. He told himself that he will leave and go and rent another house somewhere. After getting prepared to leave the landlord called him and advise him on spending his monies on rents. Within 2 years this man has been able to build his own flat leaving in peacefully. He came back to thank the landlord and do you know his first statement after greeting the landlord. Guess: “Thank you landlord for you disturbing me on building my own house. God bless you for that experience”

Your boss may be worse but note that for every happening, there’s a reason. Learn from it no matter the situation. That’s where sometimes you will get your experience.




In Ghana, homosexuality is seen as not a human right issue therefore societies are eagerly frowning and taking measures to combat it. It is legally documented that Ghanaians shows largely negative to the attitude towards homosexuality.

Though most African countries have accepted the practice of homosexuality but remains negative in Ghana towards the attitude of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). LGBT in Ghana in 1860’s was criminalized therefore same-sex sexual act are illegal practices in Ghana. Our constitution though guarantees the right to freedom of speech, expression and assembly to citizens, LGBT is heavily suppressed.

Anti-LGBT is strongly hold in Ghana due to the majority of Ghana’s population. People who are seen and captured to be practicing such act are offered a penalty of 3 years imprisonment if consensual.



Politics forms Ghana’s presidential representative of the republic. The head of state and the head of government is the president who is elected for two four-year term maximum by universal suffrage with a minimum of 50% of the vote cast.

Ghanaians today do politics based on tribal background and community development. Societies now look for the community development that one party and it representatives has made before casting their votes. 2020 parliamentary election on the NPP government loss several seat just because, they couldn’t help develop their communities.

Tribal background on the other hand is also one thing that Ghanaians look into before casting their votes. Now whenever there’s election, political parties know their stands or strongholds. They intend pushing all their effort to such area than the less because they know that no matter what, the will never win the less stronghold.

Now government resources, policies, organizations, issues or matters arising, etc. has now being politicized instead of addressing such thing as one people. One party will criticize the sitting government instead of coming together to solve problems as one people and vice versa. Due to this issues, some of the citizens of Ghana says the country will only develop when we become one people.

This has now become a system in Ghana.


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