Nothing on this Earth has no source. God is the source of every resource and He alone is our source. He is the source of man, life, knowledge and wisdom. It’s better to have faith and trust in the Lord than to put your certitude or nerve in man.

In whatever you do, remember that that thing came from somewhere. It’s better to trace to or and know the source of something than to just stay knowing nothing about what you are doing. God has being our source since day one or the day you were born. A source is something unique that can be used to cure or solve a particular problem that may arise from whatever you do. Always remember that, God is the only source to everything on earth.

Source is scarce on earth. Therefore a man needs to possibly utilize the little he has in producing the maximum output of the source given. Always





Nothing in this world is successful without God. You can’t do it and even if you do so, it won’t be successful. Sometimes will be successful but you still realize that things are not go on well, how come? For you to be successful in life and ensure and enjoy a smooth, comfortable and long lasting life, you must first put God first. If God is with you, or you begin your everyday life or things with God, things become ok for you. Note that with God all things are possible but it is impossible without God. Make Him your first primary aim, solution, step, and in everything you do so that you can be able to do whatever you are doing.

He who begins his life and works with God enjoys great and better things and opportunity than the one who does not. Start your life today with God, begin your work with God, He will handle everything for you and you shall enjoy the fruit from your labor. Doing something with God first makes you experience, acquire, and waste not much time, effort or resources on whatever you do and vice versa. Start Now! Begin your life with God and all other things will be successful to you. It is possible with God and impossible without God. Whatever you do without God is waste.

Note that you can’t do without God!




No matter what it takes, I’m going to be bold, smart, rise, push, and face and succeed in life. Life is a battle of individuality and the choice is in your hands. If you decide to stop because of failure or insufficient resources to back you up, then treat yourself to be not worth it. But if you are going to stand firm and face the situation no matter what it takes, then you are gladly worth it.

Trails will rise, failure will come, family and friends will betray you but if you put God first, stand firm and face whatever that may come no matter what it takes, then you are going to succeed in life and enjoy the fruit out of it. Prove to yourself that you can do it no matter what it takes. Be willing to solve or change the situation or else…

Life requires a sacrifice! So sacrifice whatever it takes to make your dream come true. Come on! Fight! Press on! Keep pushing until you get there.

You have to grip to the stand firmly no matter what, no matter what you just don’t give up. No matter what you keep pushing because as a matter of fact, that is the only way to success.



I am hundred percent sure that it’s going to take a while. Things don’t come as easy as you see. Everything on this earth has it period. A period to cultivate and a period to harvest, a period to sow and a period to reap, a period to fall and a period to rise, a period to fail and a period to shine or succeed.

Even investment has a time to mature before getting the returns back include the interest. Keep on fighting your fight but if you are still not conquering, remember it’s going to take a while. You will surely shine to the world one day but it’s just that the time is not due.  If other have had theirs, why can’t you have yours? Fight with all you can but remember that even if you don’t get yours today, tomorrow is yours and treat this as a note.

Life comes with opportunities and crises but in all circumstances all you need to do is to don’t give up. All you have to is to keep pushing. It definitely going to take a while but it going to be worth it only if you believe.

Changes comes to those who allows themselves to be empowered by firstly realizing that they need it.



You are the chosen one and it will always be you. Why not others but me? You have a great task to accomplish in this world. Your life depends on you, your family, friends, society, and the world as a whole is counting on you. It well only be you because you are the one who can finish and bring out the success though the journey will be tough.

When you are the chosen one, then it means you are special and possess something great that no one has.

You have to believe in you that you are meant for greatness, you are meant to solve problems that no one could and it takes only you to get us there. A chosen one does things differently, He or she doesn’t follow the crowd. He or she has ways to deal with situations and absolutely he’s always the exceptional one. He leaves people thinking. He does things no one could.

He or she is a go getter and makes things happen. He sees every possibility in every situations. He sees problems as an opportunity to unveil him or herself.

He or she doesn’t give up and is always willing to show those around his or her self-motivated spirit.


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